Specialty Hunts

Our specialty hunts are available for shooters who prefer to hunt alone, or with a large group. Our monthly European Hunt, or Tower Hunt, is the perfect fit for those looking for a unique and challenging bird hunting experience. With twelve available spots per hunt, it is the ideal activity for corporate events, fundraisers and family reunions.

If you’d rather hunt alone, or use your own bird dog, non-guided hunts are also available. This half-day hunt will have a two gun maximum and hunting canines will not be provided.

Looking for a Shooting Challenge or Unguided Hunt?

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50% deposit per gun (will go toward price). Sales tax not included.

We have the perfect hunting experience for you – whether you’re looking for a guided hunt with one of our dogs, or you want to explore Tennessee’s most beautiful scenery on your own with your dog. We look forward to having you experience our premier hunting location in Grundy County, TN.

  • If you want to add birds, they are available for $25/Pheasant, $10/Quail, and $15/Chukar. If you did not purchase a package, please add $5 to all birds. There is a minimum of 10 birds.
  • Let us clean your birds! It is only $3/Quail, $5/Pheasant, and $4/Chukar for a mess-free hunt!
  • Live Birds can be purchased for a minimum of $7 per Quail or Chukar and brought onto the property in their own cages.
  • Beretta, Benelli, or Browning shotgun rentals are available for half and full-day specialty hunts: $50 for a full day or $35 for a half-day.
  • There is an orange article of clothing required to hunt with us as well.

Non-Guided Hunt

$200 Per Gun

15 Quail

European/Tower Hunt

$425 Per Gun

12 Pheasant

15 Clays

*2 Gun Maximum Per Station

  • 8am -11am European Pheasant
  • 11-1pm Lunch
  • 1pm – 3pm Chukkar Chunk

Half-Day Non-Guided Hunt

$299 Per Gun

Non-Guided-25 Birds

15 Quail

5 Pheasant

5 Chukar

15 Clays


*2 Gun Maximum

Bigfoot Pheasant Hunt

$599 Per Gun

Guided Hunt

25 Pheasants

10 Quail

15 Clays


*Lunch, choice of

  • Old fashioned sliced Bologna sandwich from Fluery’s Store, chips and sweet
  • Hoagie, chips and beverage from Northcutt’s Market

Call to Book Today!

(931) 488-8652

50% deposit per gun (will go toward price).

Sales tax not included.

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