Full-Day Hunt in East Tennessee

Baggenstoss Farms provides an exclusive full-day hunting experience that runs every November 1 to April 1. Our full-day hunt includes an 8-hour hunt led by a professional guide, accompanied by a prestigious hunting dog and a catered lunch by local favorites. If you’re looking for the perfect getaway, stay overnight at our luxury Farmhouse Cabin or book an RV or camping spot at our RV Park & Campground.

Bird hunting at Baggenstoss Farms is some of the best wingshooting in Tennessee. Nestled beautifully in Tracy City, right outside of Monteagle, Tennessee, Baggenstoss Farms hunting preserve is a great place for church and organization retreats, team-bonding or a weekend getaway to experience world-class bird hunting with friends and family.

Hunt Pheasants, Quail and Chukar All Day

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$100 deposit per gun (will go toward price). Sales tax not included.

At Baggenstoss Farms, our full-day hunting experience consists of an 8-hour guided hunt, prestigious bird hunting canines, clean and packaged birds and catered lunch*. Our full-day hunt is fully customizable to add more birds, clean bird services and rent shotguns.

  • Additional birds can be added for $10/Quail, $15/Chukar or $25/Pheasant with the purchase of any package.
    • Add $5 for all birds if a package is not purchased.
    • Must have a minimum of 10 birds.
  • To clean your birds, we charge only $3/Quail, $4/Chukar, $5/Pheasant.
  • Live birds purchased and taken off property: $7/Quail, $15/Chukar, $25/Pheasant (must bring own cages).
  • Shotgun rentals are available for $50 per day. We provide high-quality shotgun brands including Beretta, Benelli and Browning.

Cocker Spaniel

$499 Per Gun

Guide/Dog Included-30 Birds

20 Quail

5 Pheasant

5 Chukar

30 Clays


Brittany Spaniel

$599 Per Gun

Guide/Dog Included-40 Birds

25 Quail

10 Chukar

5 Pheasant

30 Clays


English Pointer

$699 Per Gun

Guide/Dog Included-55 Birds

35 Quail

8 Pheasant

12 Chukar

30 Clays


German Shorthair Pointer

$799 Per Gun

Guide/Dog Included-70 Birds

35 Chukar

25 Quail

10 Pheasant

30 Clays


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