5 Stand Sport Shooting at Baggenstoss Farms

We are in the process of developing our exciting new shotgun sport shooting, Five Stand. It is similar to sporting clays and skeet shooting – it has five stations and six to eight clay target throwers strategically placed around a circular course (called traps). Each station will have an individual menu card that tells you what type of clay bird you’ll be shooting during your turn. The sequence changes each time so there’s never any repetition!

Five Stand is a great game for hunters, giving them the chance to work on shots simulating everything from fleeing rabbits and flushing to quail and ducks dropping into a set of decoys. It’s faster and more affordable than sporting clay!

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The best way to prepare for a bird hunting trip is to shoot lots of sporting clays, skeet or five stand. More than anything, live birds have minds of their own! They may fly away in any direction: straight ahead, to the left or back towards you. So knowing how they will react is a key step in perfecting your shooting skills. The most important things that should be done before going out into the field are practicing skeet and sporting clays to prepare for either chukar flying downhill or a covey of quail exploding from cover. Either one will help you improve your game and make it easier when shooting birds in the field.

Each of our packages can be tailored to fit any shooter’s needs. Contact us to customize your day. Pricing for the 2023-2024 season will be available soon. For further information, call or text us at 931-488-8652.

Clay Shooting

$45 Per Gun

50 Clays

Clay Shooting

$65 Per Gun

100 Clays

Shotgun Rentals

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$35 half day

$50 full day

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